Heavy Equipment Towing


When an unexpected breakdown or rollover hits, it’s difficult to know which heavy equipment towing operation to call in Southern Montana. Hanser’s has been the go-to heavy machinery towing resource for over 50 years.

If your wheeled or non-wheeled machinery is inoperable, cannot be driven on Montana’s roads, gets bogged down, or was involved in an accident, Hanser’s provides cost-effective heavy machinery transport services in Billings, Livingston, Hardin, Columbus, Lewistown, Big Timber, and the surrounding area.

As the region’s heavy machinery towing leader, we have an expansive fleet of heavy equipment transport vehicles. They include wreckers, winches, rotator booms, flatbeds, and a state-of-the-art Air Cushion Recovery System capable of raising 100,000 pounds. No heavy equipment towing job is too big or complex for our field-tested team. Call Hanser’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 345-1754.


As a family-owned and operated company, we work diligently to maintain our reputation as Billings’ #1 heavy equipment towing company. For more than five decades, our leadership team and heavy equipment transport technicians have efficiently used our comprehensive fleet of wreckers, winches, rotator booms, flatbeds, and hoisting equipment to provide the best services possible. When you call Hanser’s for heavy equipment towing , we send people with problem-solving skills and the necessary technology to get the job done right.

During our more than a half-century of reliable heavy machinery towing service, our highly skilled and certified technicians have consistently emphasized safety. We put people ahead of profits while providing efficient heavy machinery towing services at the lowest rate possible.


At Hanser’s, we are keenly aware that an unbalanced load or inoperable rig requires a prompt cargo adjustment, swap, or transfer. Every minute your freight is in a holding pattern eats away at valuable hours of service time and your ability to make on-time delivery. That’s why we dispatch heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with the capacity to elevate and redistribute cargo on-site. Our experienced cargo technicians can also perform a load swap or transfer at the scene to get that freight to its final destination.

When you reach a Hanser’s dispatcher, they will ask you for pertinent information to help expedite the process. Knowing your location, the condition of the tractor-trailer, and the type of cargo allows our team to send the right heavy-duty equipment and people to make a load correction or swap. We know your time is valuable and delays can prove stressful. That’s why you can anticipate a text message with an accurate time help will arrive.


When your profit-driving assets need repair, get stuck at a job site, or require heavy equipment transport to another location, we have the people and fleet of vehicles to get the job done. We routinely provide heavy machinery towing services for construction companies, agricultural operations, and Main Street businesses in Billings, Livingston, Hardin, Columbus, Lewistown, Big Timber, and the surrounding area.

At Hanser’s, we respond to heavy equipment transport emergencies day or night. Our customer care representatives can also schedule a planned move at your convenience. Call us today at (800) 345-1754.


The scene of an upended big rig, farm tractor, or RV accident looks frightening, and recovery seems impossible. Fortunately for the owners of these valuable vehicles, the experienced team at Hanser’s routinely performs heavy-duty winching services and ditch pullouts in Billings, Livingston, Hardin, Columbus, Lewistown, Big Timber, and the surrounding area.

During our more than five decades of dedicated heavy-duty winching and pull-out services, we have amassed a fleet of wreckers, winches, rotator booms, and a state-of-the-art Air Cushion Recovery System that can safely raise a vehicle weighing upwards of 100,000 pounds.

Given that a fully loaded tractor-trailer tops out at 80,000 pounds, we are fully prepared to retrieve your commercial or recreational vehicle from challenging landscapes. If you need assistance with your semi-truck, construction equipment, farm equipment, or RV, call Hanser’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the following.

  • RV and Bus Winching Service
  • Semi Truck Winching Service
  • Low Bridge Semi Recovery Service
  • Sunken Tractor Trailer Lifting
  • Jackknife Trucks
  • Off-Road Winching Services
  • Underwater Recovery Services
  • Ditch Pull Outs
  • Semi Truck Rollovers
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